Just Draw It! The Sketchcrawl.

Some of the participants in my current online course JustDraw It, said they would love to go out and sketch and/or try your hand at some urban sketching. Now that we're well on our way into the course, it was time to pluck up the courage, head out and do a world wide JustDrawIt SketchCrawl together.

The idea of this was to all head outside on the same day, and sketch in public! We may all live in different parts of the globe, but still, we're doing it together. For some people this may be a bit scary, but doing it together, helps.
So I declared Saturday, December 6, to be JDI-SketchCrawl Day
. People from around could join me in Amsterdam, others would 'crawl' in their own corner of the world.

A nice group of Dutchies gathered, to sketch together. It was a great afternoon, fuelled by cappuccinos and fresh mint teas, and surrounded by interesting people to draw and a whole lot of art supplies.

At these occasions, I always feel very distracted, and my drawings are interrupted many times. It shows in the drawings, but the nice thing is: I can remember the intertuptions and the converstaions I had, through looking at these pages. Great fresh memories added in my sketchbook!


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