The core of it.

Sometimes Setchbook keeping, or art journaling, is so much more than keeping a drawing habit. Yes, I do make a habit of making a daily drawing, but often it's not even about the outcome of the drawing itself. Wether the result is good or bad doesn't matter. The drawing is a memory, or the drawing and its process ignites all sorts of thoughts and emotions. A drawing can carry deep emotions, but they can also be random thoughts, like the ones I jotted down when I drew this apple core. Actually, I do know the answer to the question I wrote there. No, I'm not the only one; my mom also nibbles endlessly around the apple core like I do.

That's what art journaling is about: while each time you enjoy the process of drawing, you fill the pages with little stories of your life. Looking back at the pages brings back vivid memories.

Every artist has his or her own way of doing that, and learning how other people do it, is so inspiring.
That's why I am so happy Danny and I partnered up and created Sketchbook Skool.
Never heard of it? click here and read about the courses.

The kourse themed 'Beginnings' has just started and you can still join! Also the kourses 'Seeing', and 'Storytelling' are starting in a couple of weeks, plus we have created a free training for everyone who took all three kourses to deepen their art skills and habits.
Meanwhile, we're working on new outlines with a new team of fantastic artists to teach in our new kourse that will start in April. I can't wait to get inspired by both the teachers and all students!

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