5 Tips to Help You Keep Making Art

In my online art classes, there are often discussions and questions about how to keep a daily art habit. Well, first of all: if you made a commitment to yourself that you want to make art every day: that's fantastic! But don't beat yourself up about it or feel guilty when you miss a day every now and then, because life can just get crazy busy, I know!
But if the problem is finding subjects or themes to fill your art journal pages with: here's a few tips to solve that.
1. Give yourself a break.
A doodle is a drawing too. If you run out of time on a busy day, just doodle a little and have fun doing that.
2. Treat yo'self!
Go and get yourself a treat. Sit down to enjoy it. Wether it's eating an ice cream, drinking a caramel latte, going for a pedicure... enjoy the moment even more by drawing it.
20150201 Coffeejurnal
3. Do it everywhere
Find every opportunity to draw. Even if you didn't bring a journal or sketchbook - you can draw. On beer coasters, napkins, or, like I did here: on a paper placemat.
20150131 paperPlacemat 
(I always feel this childish excitement bubbling up inside me when I enter a restaurant and see they have paper placemats. Or even better: paper tablecloths!)
20150126 happinessquote
4. Look at yourself.
have a good look at yourself and draw what you wear. If you do this regularly, it's a fun way to document your
5.Find a quote.
Find an affirmation sentence, a song text or an expression you like. Paint it, fill an art journal page with it.
It's challenging to keep that creative habit, I know. But at the same time, it's also kind of an addiction, don't you agree?
Keep on going, enjoy the process every day and make awesome art.

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