Drawing in da Hood

Sometimes you just need to get out. Take a break. Have lunch out. Buy yourself a cappuccino. At least, that's what I do. The people in the bar where I made this drawing must have thought I have kind of compulsive habits. I changed tables twice to get the right view before staring this drawing. Sat there for an hour to draw my view. Then l had to stop because it was getting dark. A few days later, I came back, sat at the exact same table, ordered the same drinks (first a cappuccino, then a cup of tea) and again spend over an hour, drawing.
I still wasn't done - I added the bricks with color pencils later, at home.

This drawing took me longer than I am used to, when I draw street views, buildings, outside scenes. I immensely enjoyed it. It's the first spread in the new Strathmore sketchbook I started. Great beginning of a sketchbook, if I may say so myself.

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