Drawing while travelling

Travelling! I love it. Being on the move, on your way to a place to explore. Even if the drive or flight is long - I enjoy it. Especially of course because I always bring a sketchbook.
After security control, the waiting area for the gate fills up with people. They sit, and read and hang around and have no place to go untuil the gate opens. A great moment to skjetch people who are minding their own businesses.

Plane seats give you a numb butt after a while. You don't have much leg space, nor privacy. If you're lucky, you sit next to someone who isn't too big and doesn't smell or make a lot of noise. Inspite of the tiny space tyou have, there's always room for a sketchbook on your lap.

Who cares if the boat rocks? Draw anyway! Once at the destination, you can get more into details again.