5 Tips To Challenge Yourself

When you're free or on vacation, there is plenty of lazy hours which means: a lot of drawing time. I love that. It gives me the opportunity to take the time to do elaborate drawings, but also to study. Trying out new techniques for example, or focusing on drawing things that may seem daunting to draw. You don't need a vacation for that though - you can balance a busy life with drawing and learning new things.

Here are 5 Tips To Challenge Yourself

1. Pick a subject that moves all the time.
It may seem too hard to draw. Like waving tree branches or water.
20150212 water
You can dread it, or you can just go for it. It's better to make a mediocre drawing than no drawing at all.
During the process, you're learning. Study your subject really well. Take notes. Don't give up, you can do it.
2. Pick a subject that's alive.
20150211 cats
When drawing animals for example, they won't sit still and model for you. You never know when they will start moving or reposition.
This will train you to work fast and to study their proportions.
3. No peeking and no cheating.
20150208 contourdrawing3
Pick a subject. Take a minute. Don't look at your paper - and draw. It helps if you don't lift your pen off the paper, to keep track of where you are on the paper.
You could be surprised by the results, and even colour your quick blind drawing.
AAJ Logo ws
4. Get going and keep going.
Whether you're lazy or crazy busy - there's always room to study and learn.
And if you're crazy busy and lazy - you could use an extra kick-in-the butt. Well, guess what? On April 6, the 4-week workshop Awesome Art Journaling started. It gives you just that extra push that you need.
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sbs drip full
5. No Excuses To Learn New Things.
Finally it's here! you can to sign up for the brand new 6-week klass in Sketchbook Skool, themed 'Stretching'! It starts April 17. Be ready to be surprised, refreshed and inspired. Find more info and sign-up by clicking here.

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