Blind Contour Fun

In Late January, I was lucky enough to visit Lapin in Barcelona, to film his videos for Sketchbook Skool's new kourse 'Stretching' *
I saw him do many quick blind drawings of the people around him, and since then, I've been doing a lot of this exercise as well.
The exercise is simple, fun and quick, and it allows you to not think about the result, but simply focus on the shapes and lines that you see. The fun thing is, that if you do a few in a row, you can see quick progress. Very rewarding, and so much fun. And a nice intimate moment between you and your model.
Barbara x 4
Barbara, me, Pascal

Mom and Dad

*Sketchbook Skool is an online art school and global community dedicated to teaching and inspiring people to tell their stories through illustrated journaling. A six-week course costs only $99, so what are you waiting for? To learn more and to join, click here

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