30 Illustrated Recipes!

I am so happy this is happening.
Food Ink is on Amazon! The book is filled with 30 illustrated recipes by Me, Myself and I!
I just received the book in the mail and it feel soooo good to hold a copy in my hand.
Click here to get your own copy on Amazon

I am proud, and so happy how my design for the cover turned out. Salli and Nate, founders of TheyDrawandcook.com, who made this book-dream come true, did an amazing job designing the book. Yay!!

To get your own copy of the book for $14 click here!
You can learn to illustrate your own recipes too - by joining the workshop "Draw It Like It's Hot"! Together we will be be drawing food and illustrating recipes for 4 weeks long, taking it step by step.
DILIH Logo video insert
The foodie-art fun starts June 1st.
I'm not promising you'll be publishing your own cookbook after doing the workshop, but you never know! Your final piece of homework - your own illustrated recipe will be published on theydrawandcook.com, so your first online publication is very close! The costs? Only $69.
Click here to read more and to sign up.

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