Challenge Accepted

This Strathmore sketchbook has been sitting on the shelf for a few months now. It's a sketchbook with a built-in challenge: it has toned paper.
I love using brown paper bags, or recycled cardboard boxes, as a background to draw on. So a whole sketchbook filled with brown paper must be seriously fun!
However, it's also a bit of a challenge. There are quite a few limitations to this paper and I need to find out which they are, apart from: the paper isn't white.
It will hold watercolors, even though the paper will buckle, but am I going to like it? Not sure - to find out, I'm gonna have to try.
For the first page, I sat down on a street bench late afternoon, listening to an audiobook on my headphones and diving right in with my black pen, trying to discover how much hatching/crosshatching I should add, and finishing with a few white highlights. A great start! If I may say so myself.

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