Selfie Galore. And Two Tomatoes.

Eek! My favorite tools, color pencils, go so well with the toned paper as a background! I have to admit that the look of the portraits is a little bit too 'classical' for me, but I do like how layering pencil strokes deepens the colors of those tomatoes, and how the white pops!

And I really enjoyed doing that selfie on the left page. 
A while ago, I found a picture of me when I was little. I thought it was kind of cute and funny in an awkward way and I decided to draw a throwback selfie (?) from it.
Not much has changed since then huh? I have bangs now just like back then!
Speaking of selfies... Tomorrow, the online course called 'Seeing' starts at Sketchbook Skool.I just reviewed all lessons, and seriously, you don't want to miss this. 
In 6 weeks, you will learn to see better. Not because of a new pair of glasses, but you will develop a new way to use your eyes! You will learn from 6 different teachers: Danny Gregory, Cathy Johnson, Brenda Swenson, Andrea Joseph, Liz Steel, and myself. My Klass will be 'selfie galore', and I will help you explore how you see yourself and your art. 
This Kourse will change the way you see your world, and it starts tommorrow! 
Click here to watch a video about the klass and to sign up!

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