School's out!

Greetings from Amsterdam!

Summer is the best time here in Amsterdam. I've lived here all my life and have always loved spring, but summer was always best! Even when some of the Dutch summer days can be quite chilly, windy or even rainy - summer days remind me of when I was a kid. It felt like there was an endless stretch of free time to fill after school. Not just during the summer holiday, but also right after school.

When school's out

Random fact about me as a teenager: I wasn't great at school. Learning maths for example was pure torture, and now that I'm a grown up, I am soooo happy to have an accountant and bookkeeper these days because all I was doing was struggling during class and making a mess of my homework!
Luckily, there was art class to make up for it! Whatever kind of homework or assignments we would get in art class, I loved spending time on it and would look forward to the precious few hours of art during school.
Once summer vacation started, I didn't mind Dutch rainy summerdays at all. It meant that I wouldn't feel obliged to head outside and enjoy the sunny weather. I could spend time to make art.
If there would have been something like an art summer school, I would have signed up for it for sure!

Wouldn't you?

Fast Forward to 2015

It exists: Summer Skool! It's online, so wherever in the world you are, in July and August you can come out and play in Sketchbook Skool. There are two 4-week Kourses: "Playing" (starts July 6) and "More Playing" (starts August 3) , and they are filled with fun projects to do on your own or with your friends or family. You can take the projects with you on vacation, or do them at home. And you can share your art with a fantastic community of Summer Skoolers and Sketchbook Skoolers.
Oh and if it's winter out there where you live - of course you can come and join the fun too!

Don't miss it! 'Playing' starts in a week.

Follow this link to sign up today!
Let's play and make awesome art.