3 solid reasons to share your art

I share my sketchbook pages on this blog. And you are here - thank you for that! - so you're interested to see what's going on. It's because my sketchbook pages tell a story. And we all love stories, don't we?
Your art tells your story. And your story is unique. It's you. That's why you may feel vulnerable if you show your art to others.
Sure, you can keep all of your art hidden in your art journal and under the radar. But when drawing and making art is something you love doing, then why would you hide it? Ask yourself: what is the worst thing that could happen if you open up your art journal for others to see?
20150204 JDICircle Debbe

Here are 3 reasons why you should share your art:

1. Gain confidence
If you show it to people (and do it with pride!), you will be surprised how great it is to get feedback on your art! Each time you share your art with others, you will gain more confidence about your art.
2. Inspire others
Others can feel totally inspired to try your technique or approach as well. They will most likely share with you what they made - which is very rewarding!
3. Reach out to the world
Would you like to do a show, or get a commissioned job? Don't wait for “IT” to happen. You need to take action. Share your art and brag about it too! Then people will be able to find you and appreciate your art.

Speaking of bragging...

A fantastic group of foodie-artists just finished the workshop on drawing food and illustrating recipes "Draw It Like It’s Hot!", and they made awesome art!
Karinas ButternutSquashSoup
Recipe illustrated by Karina Suarez Robertson, participant in "Draw It like It's Hot"
This link brings you to all published recipes from previous participants of Draw It Like It's Hot. I am impressed with them all. And they are mouthwatering!
I've been getting a lot of requests for the boutique workshop "Draw It Like It’s Hot!", so in September, it will run again. Seats are limited, so secure yours:

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