3 Habits You Could Do Without

Do you like to create things? Do you, in fact, love it?
And does it make you feel good? You want to make art?
Believe it or not, that makes you an artist.
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 You may feel that the word or title ‘artist’ is too high aimed and you may find it hard to call yourself one.
It’s just a label. Allow yourself to be an artist. Therefore, you need to be a little selfish every now and so often.
As an artist, you need to make time to take time. To make art.
There may be a few habits that you could do without and it would save you time if you did.




Here’s a little help with that:

1. Stop thinking about what others may think about you.
Even though you may think you know what they think: as long as they don’t share it with you, it’s none of your business - so why would you waste any time or energy worrying about it?
2. Stop worrying about your artwork.
When you are worried whether your efforts will result in an excellent piece of art or not, it can be very hard to start at all.
Worrying about something does not change the outcome. So stop the self-sabotaging and just start. Make your goal to enjoy the process and you’ll be much more likely be happy about the result as well.
3. Stop taking yourself too seriously.
You’re an artist, after all! You need humor and a free mind to get inspired and to create.

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