Forgetting everything around you - Flow!

Art Journaling is a great way to draw the world around you AND forget about it at the same time.

The other day I went to the park for a picnic with family/friends and of course I took my sketchbook with me. This is the page I drew during the picnic:

And this is what I looked like doing so:
Photo by Cathy Levesque

I am actually sitting with my butt towards everybody, totally consumed with my drawing, in the meantime listening to the chatter of conversation around me. Luckily, my company was very forgiving, and they all enjoy the creative process. See what I mean: I was completely in the flow of drawing and forgot about the rest!

During the picnic, we also had a blind drawing contour drawing (yes, even the people who never draw, joined in!) and got crazy signing our drawings using our feet.

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