Playing and Sketchbook Skool

This week I had a conversation over email with a student of mine. She has participated in several of my online classes as well as in Sketchbook Skool. 

She gave me valuable feedback about her experiences in the Sketchbook Skool Kourse 'Playing that ran in July.
A little explanation: The lessons in the Playing series (the 4-week kourse ''More Playing" just started this Monday - you can still join by clicking here if you want) have been quite different from our previous kourses in Sketchbook Skool. Before, in Sketchbook Skool we have offered 6-week kourses, in which we feature 6 different teachers and give an insight on their approaches to making art and a peek in their studios. After summer, all of these awesome kourses will still be available on for anyone who wants to start or keep a creative habit.  
So anyway, in this email conversation she asked me about 'the future' of Sketchbook Skool. Since I've been asked this more often in the past weeks, I thought I'd share my thoughts about this on my blog as well:

The playing series is definitely NOT the last thing we produced in SBS. We are planning great things for January. Planning for the new year rather than for autumn,  will give Danny and me space and time to work on other projects too.We are still not exactly sure where we'll go with SBS, and in a business-sense that may not be smart, but if we look at SBS as an art project, it does make sense. We may try other things and get plenty new ideas that we could share via SBS at some point.

I believe that the initial idea of sharing all kinds of different approaches in one class, by different teachers from around the world is what makes SBS so unique, but that doesn't mean we should do only that. After all, we are artists and we like to experiment and develop and learn new things. Also, producing a Kourse each semester is not doable with a small team like ours and that's okay, especially since we want to keep making art ourselves and take up projects for ourselves. And the wonderful thing is that now we know for a fact that we have a very loyal Kommunity that will understand and forgive us for trying to find the right balance.

To finish this post visually: here's a little drawing I made a while ago.

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