How to make an illustrated recipe

Today my online class on drawing food and illustrating recipes kicks off! I am so excited to guide a new group of foodie-artists for 4 weeks, making yummy art together!
Sure enough, the people in the "Draw It Like It's Hot" class love the combination of food and art - even though some of them never even cook. You don't need to be a chef to be a foodie-artist!

So even if you're not much f a cook - it's still great to fill your art journal pages with a food drawing every now and then. Just a drawing of your breakfast, your coffee or a snack can be very fun to do.

And you could try and illustrate a simple recipe, like this one below:

And here's a quick recipe on how to make an illustrated recipe:
1. Choose a recipe that's not too complicated
2. Write down all steps / instructions for the recipe
3. Write down all ingredients needed.
4. Draw the ingredients
5. Figure out how you can draw instructiuons, rather than writing them.
6. Add text to your recipe: short instructions, and of course a title.
7. Give it some colour.
8. Feel proud of the result and treat yourself to a snack :)

Of course in my online class, I can tell you so much more, and I give you practival tips and tricks on how to communicate visually. We'll dive into composition and lettering and colours and much, much more. 
I'd love you to join class - there are still some seats available in the online class! 
4 weeks for just $69. Click here to enroll!

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