How To Stick To Your Art Habit When Feeling Down: 3 tips!

No thanks I don't feel like talking about the above. Still, I wanted to share this art journal page with you, and give you a few draw tips:

Tip 1
Whatever is going on in your life - draw anyway
It will make you feel better, even if it's just a little - it'll get your mind off of things for a moment.

Tip 2
Hanging out with other sketchers is also very helpful
- I felt lucky to join the latest Amsterdam Sketchcrawl. Lots of chatting plus some sketching - both of Amsterdam and of my fellow sketchers:

The Prinsengracht (canal) and some fellow sketchers at the quai side

Sipping fresh mint tea, chatting about art supplies, drawing, and sketching each other

Sitting at the bar - I am still planning to add a bit of text (a conversatiuon I overheard while I was sitting there) in the white area on the right page

In case you're concerned: I am feeling much better now.

Tip 3
Buy yourself a little art supply present
- it'll want you try it and before you know it, you are experimenting and playing... which will make you feel so good!
I bought a bottle of brown ink, filled my fountain pen with it and did a selfie - I enjoyed every minute of it.

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