Do you ever feel frustrated by your blank journal pages?

Don't you just wish that weeks would exist of 8 days, and days would have at least 4 extra hours? Even 1 extra hour a day would be fabulous, don't you agree?
But hey, we have to make do with the time there is. We also need to accept that life is very busy. It can get in the way of your time to make art.
It happens to me too. Then I end up making quick and simple 5-minute drawings each day. Doing these quick drawings is satisfying, but they may also start to bore you quite quickly.

So: what should you do if a busy life gets in the way of your art habit, and you feel kind of frustrated by the blank art journal pages staring at you?

Here are 3 tips that can get you going again:


1. Pick up a different journal or sketchbook.
Having a different and fresh drawing surface and paper format can do wonders. Or use just loose sheets of paper. You can stick those in your art journal.
2. Pick up a tool you hardly ever use.

A bamboo pen, crayons, charcoal. Play around with it. Mix and match. This is a great way to challenge yourself and to finally make use of those art tools collecting dust.
3. Give yourself a challenge.

Find a theme to hold on to for the next week. My two 'go-tos' are selfies and food.
Or join a sketch challenge online.
Right now, 'Inktober' is in full blast and you can jump right in using just paper and a pen.

You will get out of that rut - if you pull yourself from it. And you'll make awesome art.

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