Draw Tip Tuesday - The contents of my Sketch Bag

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
Don't you just love snooping through other people's pencil cases? And I've had quite a few questions lately about the materials I use, so I thought I'd give you a little peek into my sketchbag today.

The contents of my Sketch bag always change a little bit over time. I add something, and then something else has to go, because otherwise the bag will be too full. I could get a larger sketch bag of course, but I don’t want to waste any valuable draw time by linguering over which of the many tools I should use. I want to just pick up a tool and start drawing right away!
So there’s today’s tip for you: yes, art supplies are great, but narrow them down as well, so your drawing time is spent on drawing and not on fiddling around and being indecisive.

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