Just Draw It - Sketchcrawl: reporting from Amsterdam

My online drawing course "Just Draw It!" has been running over the past 6 weeks.
The group of participants has been awesome! They worked on their assignments with a lot of excitement, putting a lot of time and effort in practicing the techniques they were learning.
They're energy sparked on to me each time I logged in to the course platform, to give them feedback and help them to take their drawings onto the next level. It's fantastic to see people's skills grow, and seeing the drawings develop in such a short amount of time!
"Just Draw It" is designed to make you more confident about drawing by taking small steps at a time. Quite a lot of participants have mentioned in their introductions that they would love to try drawing in public, but they just feel it's too scary or intimidating, they don't feel confident enough.
To take that step out of the comfort zone, at the end of this course I declared today to be 'Just Draw It Sketchcrawl Day'.
All participants of the online drawing class were heading outside on the same day, and sketch in public. We may all live in different parts of the globe, but still, we're doing it together. It's a comforting and empowering thought that while you are putting your lines on paper, your class mates are doing the same thing in their own corner of the world.
So that's what I did. I headed out with my sketchbook, made sure to stay caffeinated, and drew. I had a fantastic morning!
I started my 'sketchcrawl' at one of the many Saturday markets in Amsterdam. I sat on stone steps, on a folded cardboard box from the flower market stall so I wouldn't get super cold quickly.
Of course I DID get cold but that was a great excuse to 'crawl' towards a nice and warm place to sip a cappuccino while sketching the people around me. I used a multi coloured colour pencil.
I really enjoyed doing those quick people sketches so I filled another page and used coloured pencils and a grey brush marker to add a bit of colour. Then I needed a change of scenery so I 'crawled' to the busy indoor market, and used colour pencils to sketch people there.

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