New York City Adventure!

The past week I Spent in New York City. The reason to be there was Sketchbook Skool. Danny and I worked on a lot of planning and thinking about how to make Sketchbook Skool an even better and unique experience for everyone joining the community. We had great conversations, insights and aha-moments and made a lot of decisions that will be beneficial for the Skool, the students, the teachers, our team, and for us. And we had fun during our summit.

Here's a little visual recap of my days in NYC - and a fun video too!

Drawing is such a fantastic way to kill time when traveling! 
I didn't get anything from this food truck but enjoyed drawing it from the other side of the street.

I got cold after sitting on a concrete bench during the food truck drawing so warmed up with a perfect double machiato - and a drawing of the espresso machine!
We had brunch with part of the Sketchbook Skool Fakulty, awed over each other's sketchbook pages, and drank Cava to celebrate creativity.
From left to right: Danny Gregory, Melanie Reim, Veronica Lawlor, France Belleville, Vinh Ganapathy, Jonathan Twingley, me.

We met with a group of Sketchbook Skool students in Washington Square Park. This is a quick sketch of people waiting in line for crepes in the park.

A relaxing drawing, done after a long, productive day full of interesting meetings and discussions

Jetlag! I took advantage of being awake way too early, by making a drawing

Some random drawings done before leaving again
Danny is not only my business partner, he is great to hang out with, has an endless stream of creative ideas popping up in his mind, and he makes awesome art. He also is a great host and he showed me around in his neighbourhood, where we picked a place to sit down and do a drawing together. It was so much fun to do and I really like the drawing we made.
This is the video we shot while we made the drawing:

Wanna know more about Sketchbook Skool? Go to and join the creative community!

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