Yay! Let's Go On A Diet!

Looking at the subject of this blogpost, you may think I’ve lost my marbles.
This has nothing to do with early new year resolutions. I also don’t have the shortcut for losing weight. But I do think we can all use a diet of some sort.


You have just little time and in spite of all your good intensions, your creative habit suffers because life is just bloody busy.
Do you recognize this? Well, read on.

I have some tips to keep you going on your sketch habit:


1. Your sketch kit needs serious weight loss.

It’d be great to be able to sit down and lay out all your tools before you, and think about a subject to draw, then pick a tool that fits the topic. But let’s be realistic: this just isn’t something you can do every day.

Sketching while communting with pen on paper.
Instead, limit your tools and make sure to have them at arm’s length at any time.
Just a sketchbook and a pen will suffice. if you have just one drawing tool, you can dive into drawing right away without stalling. Take the sketchbook and pen with you and you will find little gaps of time to fill with drawing (at the bus stop, while waiting for the water to boil, during lunch break, while commuting, in line at Starbucks…) Sometimes it'll be a one-minute sketch, other times you're lucky and make a more elaborate drawing.

2. Shrink that to-do list

I know how it feels to have too many things on your plate. My advice: take a deep breath. Get a coffee. Then look at all the items on your to do list and prioritize. There’s often quite a few things that aren’t as urgent as they feel. Put them on your schedule for another day.
Don’t procrastinate on something you dread or are reluctant to do. Getting it done first will give a great feeling of accomplishment and the biggest check box will be checked!

3. Go on a sketchy diet

You've seen this on my blog already but I keep saying it: if you don’t know what you should draw - draw your food. You eat every day, so there’s always a new subject right in front of you. When you eat something really tasty, illustrate the recipe, so you won't forget about it!
Start a ‘what I ate today’ project for yourself; it will make you very aware of the things you eat, and you may even consider whether or not to eat that extra cupcake with your tea: Is it pretty enough to draw, will it fit on the page? This could change your eating habits along with your art habit!

4. Stay away from Facebook

...or Pinterest or Instagram, or whichever social media channel is your weak spot for addiction.
Stay away from it for a day or two, or if you’re courageous, for a week. You will be amazed how much time you suddenly have to do other stuff!
Such as making art!

It's up to you

I know all of the above isn't anything new. But like with many diets: you need to be reminded and then just take action. So whatever artful or sketchy diet you'll be on: you can make awesome art.

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