Sharing Inspiration - Liz Steel

Today I'd like to show you some of my favourite work by Liz Steel

Liz Steel calls herself an obsessive sketcher. In her sketchbooks, she paints her life in watercolours. However, she keeps experimenting with different tools and materials. She's an architect, and it shows in her drawings of buildings. I am just starting to draw buildings and her drawings can be a bit intimidating, but inspiring too! I'm glad to see she likes to draw her many daily cups of tea too, like I do with my coffees.

To me, her daily life drawings are just as exciting and look as adventurous as her travel drawings.

She mixes text (the handwriting is so beautiful too!) and drawings so well. There's so much to see in these journal entries:


Wonderful architectural journal entries:






...but also nature inspires her to make gorgeous drawings:

Drawing on location seems to be second nature to her, she even draws in her car:

...but she's a tea lover too ( on location and at home), and it shows: 

It's pretty impressive what she does huh?
You can find much, MUCH more of her work over at her website, her blog on sketching architecture, and on her Flickr photostream.
I'd recommend making a cuppa tea to go with it! (warning: you will lose track of time once you got started)

Liz is the Sydney correspondent for the international group of Urban Sketchers and the founder of Urban Sketchers Australia.
Each month she's hosting an Urban Sketching event in Sydney – I wish I could join! Perhaps we could somehow arrange a skype meeting during one of these events :) However, I wouldn't mind a trip to Sydney - it's a great City! And it would be lovely to meet Liz in person then too, she seems to me like a fun and very nice person. More info on the event can be found on the USKAUS blog.